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May 16, 2004

An observation

As soon as I get a newspaper in my hands, the first section that I look at is "Letters to the Editor". Although I regularly write to the editor of some papers, my letters almost never get published except the ones in which I am praising them for something right that they have done, or I am defending them against some particular accusations.

What has been disappointing yet interesting in the most of the pro-war, and pro-Israeli and anti-Palestinian letters that I've read, is the name of the writers. The names that somehow prejudicially guarantee their publications. Most of those names, end or begin with ,, ..stein, ..berger,, Gold.., Silver.., Wise.. and... . Of course there have been some exceptions to this as well, where the writer with a similar name to the ones above has seriously criticized Israel and the Bush gang. However, in most of the letters from the first group, I could see the deep hatred towards the Palestinians. Also, what is interesting is that in most of those letters, the writer tries to express concerns about Canada by attempting to create fear against Arabs or Palestinians who live in Canada and dehuminizing them , and linking them to Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while they hypocritically sound as a third party persons, with just some opinions about the middle-east. I wonder what this really means.

I know this might sound like generalization, but this has been my real observation on the letters I've read. In fact, I have been somehow successful in categorically guessing the name of the writer just by reading the content of the letter.

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