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June 07, 2004

Human Rights Watch report on Iran

Pedram at Eyeranian and Nema at Iranian Truth both have posts regarding the latest Human Rights Watch report regarding the massive violation of Human Rights in Iran.

Nema summarizes the report by saying:
This report demonstrates a nexus between the press closures that began in 2000, the systematic arrests of journalists, writers and intellectuals in the following years, and the treatment of political prisoners. With the newspapers closed, treatment of detainees worsened considerably in Evin prison and in detention centers operated clandestinely by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the judiciary. Members of parliament and defense attorneys who have spoken out against the crackdown have themselves been summoned to court, and some jailed. Few platforms outside of the Internet remain available to expose the reality of conditions for Iran’s political prisoners in detention centers. The closure of the newspapers has secured an environment of impunity for judges and security forces who routinely violate international human rights law and Iran’s criminal and penal codes.
As Pedram mentions, Reuters has reported that Human Rights Watch is urging European Union "to step up pressure on Iran" and reconsider its decision to engage Iran in dialogue until there are some improvements in the current dismal conditions.

Many European countries have indeed been of the main reasons for the survival of the current regime in Iran as they have always assigned legitimacy to the regime by continuing the so-called dialogue with the regime. Of course, this "dialogue" does not end in "just dialogue". There are so many financial benefits for these countries in their massive trades with Iran. While many Iranians in general and journalists and students in particular are in the prisons of the regime, the same European countries enjoy billions of Euros coming from full trades and contracts with Iran.

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