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August 11, 2004

Only disgareed on HOW and not WHY!

As it has been clear for more than a year now, Iraq had destroyed its nuclear weapons programme in 1991 and never restarted it. Now that all the successful and well-organized efforts of decepting the American public and selling them the war policy, is exposed and is known as nothing but lies, George Bush says: Although we have not found stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, we were right to go into Iraq". Well, what do you expect him to say? ...that he was wrong? ....that he has caused over 15000 civilian death? ...that he was and is a mass murderer?

Now, let's see why George Bush is so happy that his presidential rival, John Kerry, is practically confirming the crimes that George Bush committed by creating this war: "After months of questioning my motives and even my credibility, Senator Kerry now agrees with me that even though we have not found the stockpiles of weapons we all believe were there ... he would have voted to go into Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein from power", Bush said.

On Monday, Kerry said he would have voted to authorize the war knowing what he does now, but that he would have used the power more effectively than the current commander in chief. More effectively? What does it mean? Does it mean that he would have killed even more of Iraqis? Does it mean he would have used more effective weapons? What the hell does Kerry mean by that? The fact is that Kerry's problem with Bush is not WHY Bush created this war. He is just upset of HOW Bush went to this war. As I've said before, at least in terms of foreign policies, Democrats and Republicans are both the same with slight differences in tactics as HOW to screw the world, not whether to do so.

On a related note, read Toronto Star's editorial: Kerry fails Iraq test.

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