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September 08, 2004

Isreali peace activists demolish W Bank outpost

Well, the Israeli government doesn't (dare to) do it, so glad to some concerned Israeli activists do it.
Israeli anti-settlement activists have dismantled an unauthorised West Bank outpost to protest at what they say is government inaction.
A Peace Now spokesman said a crane was used to take containers from an outpost near the Palestinian town of Ramallah.
Under the roadmap peace plan Israel is meant to dismantle about 50 "wildcat" settlements set up since March 2001.
The activists later took one of the containers to Tel Aviv where they left it outside the Defence Ministry.
"We wanted to demonstrate to the Israeli public it is possible to dismantle outposts," Peace Now activist Dror Etkes said.
"We decided that removing the outposts starts now," said activist Uriah Shlomot.
"We decided not to wait for [Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon or [Defence Minister] Shaul Mofaz." "Each moment that a trailer or a caravan exists in an illegal outpost, it is a crime against the future of the country."
Most of the outposts so far removed by Israel's security forces have beenuninhabited, and have almost all been systematically rebuilt within days... .
Looks like many Israelis are sick and tired of the settlers as well. Read the rest here.

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