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October 02, 2004

An open letter from an American to the world

terrett has written an open letter to "those who lost in Kerry/Bush debate". In the letter, terrett apologizes to millions of people around the world who suffer from the policies of the United States and its failed leaders. Here is some parts of the letter:

To the women and children of Iraq and to all their loved ones, who, by the tens of thousands, have been blown to pieces, poisoned, shot, crushed, drowned, tortured, suffocated, or hideously disfigured and terrorized by U.S. and "coalition" forces...

..To all the innocent civilians and the justified freedom fighters resisting U.S.-led imperialism in their own land who will be blinded, mutilated, deformed, and killed in Iraq in the days and years to come..

...To the ideal of international law, which George Bush ridiculed as a weak appeal to international "opinion" and John Kerry failed to champion;

...To the Palestinians, who are subjected to inhumane living conditions and unchecked violence at the hands of Israeli forces, and to the many peace-loving Israelis who resist their government's abusive and illegal actions;...

...To those whose only exposure to American citizens comes in the form of movies wherein Arnold Schwarzenegger unloads machine guns, killing people and destroying automobiles, or Tom Cruise and actors of his ilk conquer foreign women and defend the "world" against the extraterrestrials that regularly descend upon Washington, D.C.;...

I wish more Americans would start seeing the realities and the impacts of the policies of their country the way terrett sees them.

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