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September 26, 2004

Real or just a planned set up?

Imagine this scenario:

Time is running out, presidential elections are nearing, the guy (the current president) is desparate to discredit many real evidences against him. He wants to create doubt in the minds of the people who have already accepted many evidences against the guy as true and real.

Mr. X comes up with some evidence (or he is set up to believe the evidence he has in his hand is genuine). At first glance the evidence seems very credible against the president who has already lost lot of his credibility due to lying to his people about his policies, his own past, and many other issues.

Using the same evidence which was supposedly meant to be to discredit the president, the president and his guys deliberately let the words spread. However, and on other hand, the president and his guys keep telling people that the accusation against the president is not true. They keep asking people to put their trust on the president. When everybody knows about it, when everybody starts seriously questioning the president's honesty, when everything is falling for the president, all of a sudden, Mr. Y comes up with some very valid reasons why the evidence against the president which first appeared to be genuine, is fake or is seriously questionable. Some people who had reluctantly doubted the president, now feel ashamed and feel they owe an apology to their president.

Who wins in this scenario? I think the president. This will sure backfire against those who do not want this president anymore. Even after this particular scenario, no other evidence (even genuine evidence) against the president will be accepted by the people.

It might seem very simplistic. It might sound like a conspiracy theory. But believe me, there are real conspiracies not just theories in the US and many other countries for that matter. In the United States framing people, setting up things to fulfill the agendas is not anything new. Any of these can really happen. Those who can lie to people, use many techniques in lying to the people. And poor people, fall into the trap AGAIN.

I just came across this which effectively says how this whole CBS reporting has been a welcome news for Bush camp.
So not only was Dan Rather (with an assist from Bill Burkett) responsible for
effectively killing the National Guard story for all time, but the resulting
debacle has now convinced CBS that they shouldn't air any negative stories about
George Bush for the next six weeks — even if they're true. That's some
courageous journalism for you.

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