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September 22, 2004

Please don't kill the man!

This might sound ridiculous to some. This might sound stupid to some. Some people will sure think that I am crazy. Chances are that this will not get anywhere. But I am going to do it anyway. I am hoping for something to happen and those who hold the British man hostage in Iraq, come across this appeal. I cannot go to bed tonight without doing this, without doing my part.

A short message to those who hold the British hostage in Iraq:

Check out my site. It is all sympathy with Iraqis and the sufferings imposed to them by the occupation of Iraq. I am against war, against occupation, I believe the gang in the White House are bunch of criminals. I believe Tony Blair is a criminal. I believe this war and invasion of Iraq is a crime against the international law and against humanity. I believe this must stop. I believe.... .

Having said that, the man you are holding is only one person who might not really have had anything to do with this whole situation. He might even be partially at fault for being in Iraq. BUT please, by killing him, you don't just kill one man. You will kill many more. There are people who depend on him. There are people who love him. He has children. He might even have grandchildren. They want him. They need him. Every second that is passing now, is like hell to them.

Yes, I know and I have always said that the Iraqis who suffered loss of relatives in this war felt the same. But killing this man, might not be any help to your cause. Have mercy on him and those relatives of his who want him alive. Make many of his relatives smile, by letting him go. In the name of humanity, please let him go back to his family.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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