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November 24, 2004

Who is protecting the Iraqi citizens and children?

There were some comments exchanged in the previous post in which the US's war and Occupation of Iraq was said to be a war that the US believes is to protect the US citizens. It was a huge embarrassment for the US in the world stage when it was exposed that previous Iraqi regime, no matter how criminal, was no threat to the US. But it seems like there are still some people that buy that nonsense and believe this was otherwise.

Speaking of the "protection of the citizens", the question is, who is protecting the Iraqi citizens who are suffering from both sides, the US occupation and the fundamentalism that the US has helped grow? Today, Iraqis are suffering from the basics of living. They are suffering socially and financially in addition to not having any security and peace of mind. According to the UN report, Iraqi children are suffering the most under U.S. occupation. Yes, who is protecting the Iraqi citizens and Iraqi children who are nearly starving?

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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