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November 11, 2004

Banana-in-hand monkeys celebrating the death of Palestine's father

Yaser Arafat has died at the age of 75 from a mysterious illness. The illness that is not likely to be known for quite some time. Was he gradually poisoned by the Israelis? Who knows! That is not to be ruled out so easily. Israeli leaders have shown to be ruthless enough, to be criminal enough to act as inhumanely as possible. Those who have killed so many Palestinian civilians and children so easily, cannot have difficulty in deciding to kill the symbol of resistance to their occupation of the land which does not belong to them.

Even if the Israeli leaders have nothing directly to do with the death of Yaser Arafat, they are still considerably responsible for his death. For 2.5 years, the aging Arafat was confined in only two dark and damp rooms; one, his bedroom and the other, his office while he was in constant threat of Israeli ambush to kill him. He was told by the Israeli occupiers that he could go out of the Palestinian occupied territories, but could not come back to his land. But he always disappointed the occupiers by defying their wishes. After all, he was in his own land, although practically in a prison surrounded by vultures.

Arafat is dead but the Palestinian cause is not. Palestine has to be freed from occupation. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. Arafat is dead but he will still lead the Palestinians to achieve their dream, their independence. Arafat was not just a person. He was the symbol of the struggle for statehood. Although Arafat did not have the chance to see the independence of his country, but he knew that it was coming; sooner or later. It is unavoidable. Occupation will eventually lose. Israel will eventually lose. That is the course of history, the history that some people are just not smart enough to learn from.

Today, after the news of Arafat's death, the camp of fascists, or the camp of banana-in-hand monkeys who were jumping up and down was full of celebration. A combined celebration of crimes, death and stupidity.

Arafat is dead, but no, he is not dead. Arafat is not dead, because Palestine is not dead. Arafat is Palestine and Palestine is Arafat.

So long father of the Palestinian nation. One day, your dream will come true. One day, your people will tell you that they are free. One day, they will tell you that your home; your Palestine is free. One day, Palestinian children will smile. One day... .

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