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July 15, 2005

Ganji needs our help

This is Akbar Ganji; before prision and in prison. Ganji is one of the many thousands political prisoners in Iran who are struggling under the hands of the Islamic Republic's regime.

Ganji used to be one of them (the regime), but as soon as he realized the true nature of the top leadership of the regime in Iran, he began distancing himself from them. Otherwise, he could have had the most comfortable life, just like the other high officials in the regime. He chose not to. He chose to stay with people. He chose to remain clean.

Six years ago, Ganji became one of the most vocal critics of the regime and the former president Rafsanjani. He clearly accused Rafsanjani for being behind the murder of many other dissidents. He criticized the regime and the extra-ordinary power of the non-elected leader of the regime, Ali Khamanei. He was too much for the regime to be tolerated.

Berlin conference, in which he openly and to the harshest possible way criticized the entire establishment, gave the excuse for the regime to attempt to silent him. After returning from Berlin, he was arrested and eventually was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

Just like thousands of other Iranian political prisoners, Ganji is being abused and tortured on a daily basis. Many of his old "friends" who had decided to remain with the regime and gain increasing power and wealth, have now become his most detemined enemies. They just can't stand Ganji. They are doing all they can to break Ganji. But they are not successful a bit. Ganji is resisting, but..... . But he needs our help. All those who believe in true democracy and freedom of speech, in general and Iranians in particular, owe Ganji and people like Ganji big deal. Ganji's struggle is every freedom-loving individual's struggle.

Recently, the European Union officials have expressed concerns about Ganji's deteriorating health. Also, George Bush has expressed "concerns". I wish George Bush had never done that. Comments from George Bush have never helped Iranians, in general, and will not help Ganji in particular, in their struggle for freedom and human rights. After all, Bush has no credibility what so ever. Bush himself is one of the leaders of the widespread international human rights abuses. I wish he just kept his freaking mouth shut about Iran and Iranians. The dumb idiot just pisses me off... .

....Where was I?

Recently a letter from Ganji was smuggled out of the prison. different sections of the letter can be read here. Please read it to know more about Ganji and his straight-talk attitude.

I hope I can find more information as how we, all of us, can help Ganji and many other political prisoners in Iran and the world. Meanwhile, If you have any information in this regard, please share with the rest of us.

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