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September 14, 2005

"Taking responsibility" must have some real meaning and consequences

Everyday now, more bodies are being found in the hurricane hit Louisiana and Mississippi states. I realize that with a hurricane with the magnitude of Katrina some deaths might have been unavoidable but, I am also sure if it wasn't for the incompetence of the Bush administration in properly responding to the urgency of aid and rescue requirements, many lives could have been saved.

George Bush has now "accepted" the responsibility of the failure in properly responding to the disaster. I wonder what, in his paralyzed mind, does he think about this "taking responsibility". I wonder what it means to him. That, he can claim to be honest and courageous for doing this? Or what? really!

This is not the first time he and his big-business-dedicated friends have failed. Regardless of how we see the invasion of Iraq, there is one fact that is almost agreed by all and that is the fact that the US leaders, as the invaders of an independent country, had no plan to prevent chaos immediately after the fall of Baghdad. A chaos that to day is still continuing. This has cost lives; significant number of lives.

As I said, "taking responsibility" is not good enough. What next? What has to happen to the one/s who failed miserably in doing their job? What is the consequence of such failures? The failures which have resulted in the death of people. Are they not negligence? Yes, they are. In my opinion, they are negligence causing death in large magnitudes; they are criminal negligence and should be treated as such. And... Bush and his gang must be held accountable to that standard.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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