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October 05, 2005

An idiot terrorist on TV

O'REILLY: North Korea proves that, although we don't know if North Korea is going to do what they say they're going to do. So it's a dangerous world. But look, I'm not opposed to having conversations with Syria and Iran to try to help us out over there, but I don't -- Syria, I think you could do it, because as you said, you know, it's Bashar's life. I mean, we could take his life, and we should take his life if he doesn't help us out.
When Pat Robertson openly called for assassination of the democratically elected great leader of Venezuela, nothing happened to him and he is still free to make his terrorist remarks be known.

Now, another garbage has spoken of terror and once again nothing nothing will happen to him. As can be read in the quote above, Bill O'Reilly has recently openly talked about his desire to "take Bashir Asad's life". And he still is one of the main "Fox news" people (Note in the quote: ....IF HE DOESN't HELP US OUT" - could a bullying attitude be more clear than that?). O'Reilly still opens his big and dirty mouth every day at Fox. Perhaps that is exactly because of this "terrorist quality" of his that he is so much loved by, well, many other terrorists in general, and the voice of terrorism; Fox News, in particular. I guess, as long as one is American, and is in the side of Washington criminals, it is ok to talk about killings and assassinations and nothing will happen to them. Perhaps that's why the double standards in the US bring the US nothing but hatred. And the unfortunate part is that even those Americans who hate these attitudes of the people in charge, will be painted with the same brush.

Certainly, idiots such as O'Reilly are not doing the US any favour. In fact, with friends like this idiot, Americans do not need enemies. "O'Reilly"s are performing just fine on behalf of those who hate the Americans.

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