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June 02, 2006

The failed "justice" system

After practically sweeping under the carpet of Abu Ghraib, Hadissa and many more criminal activities, the US's "justice" system f*cked up again; as usual.
A US army dog handler convicted of using his dog to abuse an inmate at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison will not go to jail, a military court has decided. Sgt Santos Cardona, 32, was instead sentenced to 90 days' hard labour by the panel. He will also be demoted and will have his pay docked.
Yeah That's it; 90 days and a pay cut.
That might be good reason why the US is so terrified of endorsing the International Criminal Court and that is exactly why the US must be forced to turn in those who have committed or are seriously accused of committing crimes against humanity and/or human rights abuses to the International Criminal Court. But then again, that would too much to ask the US to turn in most of its high ranking leaders to a real court for prosecution.

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