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July 03, 2006

Ex-U.S. Marine: I Killed Civilians in Iraq

Sometime ago, a commenter who says he has been to Iraq as part of the US forces (and I'm not saying he hasn't been), brought up an example of good behavior by one of the US forces in Iraq and said that he himself witnessed it. Although I never dispute the fact that there are occasions of good and humane behavior from some US forces in Iraq, these so called examples do not change the fact that the US's invasion of Iraq has resulted in the misery and devastation for the people of Iraq. Having said that, first I have to make it clear that the invasion of Iraq by itself was the biggest crime that could have been committed and the US leaders are the main guilty factors in all this, but in lower scales, there has also been numerous examples of crimes committed by the US forces in Iraq, the crimes that have been swept under the carpet, unless they were clearly exposed and as a result the US was forced to address them, even if not sufficiently.

Jimmy Massey, 12 year Marine veteran has witnessed and even participated in the killing of civilians by the US forces in many occasions. Read or watch what Jimmy Massey has to say.

A message from Jimmy massey to other US Marines:
I'd just like to say to the Marines, you did a great job. You did what your country asked you to do. Unfortunately, the rules of engagement and the Geneva Convention weren't used. But it's up to you to look within your heart and do the right thing. You know who you are. Don't be scared. Come out. The American public, they need to know. You're not the only one. There are other people out there that can help you to heal. There are other people out there that can help you to get on with your life. Don't feel ashamed. Don't feel embarrassed. Did you a great job, however, you know, the Command -- they didn't give you the right tools for you to carry on with your mission. Just do the right thing, marines.

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