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January 08, 2007

Execution OK, leakage of the "show" not OK

After execution of Saddam and the surfacing of the little video clip that showed how barbaric the execution took place, and subsequently the fall out from the show, now everybody from George Bush and Tony Blair to many other similar real executioners of Saddam, are complaining about not the barbaric notion of death penalty but the way its occurrence was exposed. In fact they are upset about leakage of the show and not the show itself. Sounds like they who are used to creating Abu-Ghraib-likes, only begin struggling to explain things when the things are gone bad or are exposed. In other words, they have no problem with the crimes and as long as they are committed in hidden, they are quit fine with them, but when things are exposed, then they start distancing themselves from them. Now, imagine how many crimes these guys are committing in hidden and nobody hears about them. Yes, RIGHT NOW.

A different take:
Padram has, sort of, a different take on this whole execution and the related clip that came out. Knowing these bastards and their politics, hey, you never know. Pedram may have a point.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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