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January 25, 2007

Weinberger; the "most knowledgable" kid in the class!

While watching a comedy show (called Till death...), something caught my attention; something that is not just a coincidence; something that similar of which happens all the time in the US to practically make the ordinary Americans swallow that how inferior they are when compared to Jewish Americans. Even if this is not the goal, at least it is something that attempts to make the Americans believe how smart Jewish people are. Here is what I saw:

It is a history class. The teacher is asking the students whether anybody knows what resulted in the US entering the first world war. One student; only one student, raises his hand to answer. The teacher says: "Oh no, Larry Weinberger, not you, you know everything" sit down and let somebody else answer". Then the show continues to demonstrate how stupid the rest of the class were.... (I didn't quite catch the first name of the student).

"Weinberger"; A Jewish name. See my point?

Believe me these events are not just co-incidents. They are orchestrated by those who own and run the movie industry in the US. Let me make it clear; I have no problem with Jews for being Jews; as I know and I realize many of the greatest human rights and peace activists are also Jews and I can never respect them enough. But the type that I have problem with are the ones who control the media, who hold many key positions in the US, who direct America's foreign policy in favour of the fascist state of Israel. These are the ones who, even if born in the US, I always call them "Americans by birth but Israelis at heart". When it comes to Israel and its interests, they can easily sacrify the US as well.

That's all.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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