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January 13, 2007

Israeli lobby in the US has mobilized again

I came across this and as soon as I read the title; "Carter Center advisers resign over book", I thought ot myself; "here we go again". I was almost sure that most of the people involved were Pro-Israeli Jews, and well.., guess what; I was right. Most of the names are Jewish names (While at the link, make sure you click on Watch Carter defend his stance.).

There is perhaps no specific group who is as committed as the pro-Israel lobby groups in the US to stand against freedom of speech. As soon as there is a little talk that does not hundred percent satisfy the interests of the Israeli lobbies in the US, they get mobilized to kill that little voice before it grows and perhaps before it is even heard. They are in constant business of intimidation of those Americans who dare to criticize Israel. They are so powerful in the US that almost no politician in the US dares to talk the way that would not completely satisfy them. They have in fact turned majority of the US politicians their ass-kissers; their dogs. They (along with Corporate America - Not discussed here) rule America. Hard to believe? May be! But just look around and look at the evidence that these less-than-three-percent population in the US, are almost massively everywhere, at every key position in the US. Just look around; with an open eye; you won't miss it.

They even have no mercy to a former US president who made life much easier for Israel by getting Egypt on board for peace with Israel in the Seventies. Jimmy Carter, is still a "friend" of Israel, but a friend who has dared to criticize Israel. Looks like its a pay back time for Carter and the vultures are ready to eat him alive.

As long as these, perhaps, "Americans by birth but Israelis as heart" have so much influence in the US and on its policies, there is no hope that US will ever have a decent leadership.

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