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February 01, 2007

Are we less than animals?

Listening to music; the type of music that I enjoy, makes me extremely emotional. When I listen to such music, regardless of whether it has a sad, happy or exciting tone, I feel extremely good about life; if for nothing else, at least for being alive and being able to listen to such music. But almost every time that I'm in the peak of enjoyment, suddenly something comes in that ruins everything, ruins all my joy. Especially in such times, I feel extremely sad and angry that I'm unable to share the enjoyment with many people who, right at that moment, are somewhere, somehow suffering; helplessly.

If I come across a piece of news, report or information, everything would obviously be so clear as it is already pictured for me otherwise, I make up things; not exactly making things up, but only picturing things that might not be exactly real but I'm almost sure they sure not far from the reality either; only the details might not be exactly the way I picture them. I picture those who are suffering somewhere in isolation of the barbaric system that allows people to suffer to the points of almost suffocation, those who are being tortured, those who have just lost their loved ones, those who are starving and in the need of a little piece of bread to survive, those fathers and mothers who are witnessing slow death of their children that are desperate to put something in their bellies, those children who are somewhere, somehow being abused.

This morning I came across this:

Russian prosecutors are investigating allegations that hospital staff in Yekaterinburg gagged babies because they did not want to hear them crying.
Put yourself in place of those children; with not knowing much about the world, not having experienced much in this world, just pain, just confusion, just being somehow tied up without even knowing what it is; where it is coming from; just helplessness, just struggle.

Although this particular shame has apparently come to an end; thanks to the accidental noticing of that by Elena Kuritsyna, this incident is of the smallest horrors that are happening in the world, every moment. This is just a small example of what is happening in our dirty world.

You know, human kind is big and in the same time petty and disgusting.

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