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March 25, 2007

Britain regrets but does not apologize for its barbaric past

Did you know that only until 200 years ago, Britain was officially in the massive business of slavery? Well, Britain still is practicing slavery; but only under a new form, more gentle slavery.

But it is interesting that after having such a dark and barbarian anti-human history, despite expressing regret, Britain has not yet apologized and still refuses to formally apologize for practicing that barbaric behaviour. How could one believe that Britain which still refuses to apologize for what it has done for centuries to its slaves, to be the champion of freedom and human dignity in the world? Britain's refusal to denounce its past and apologize, tells me of the hypocrisy that has gone into the bones of that country. That tells me a lot about the "civilized" Britain.

Tony Blair, the petty and criminal British PM, is to address a related ceremony in Ghana this afternoon. He has the chance to do what should have been done at least decades ago; apologizing. The first step for Britain is to apologize. And yes, that would only be the first step.


As expected, Tony B"liar" failed to offer an official apology to millions of black slaves who were victims of the Anglo barbarism of the "Great" Britain.

"This is a disgrace to our ancestors, Millions of our ancestors are in the Atlantic"
he said, a reference to the massive losses at sea aboard slave ships.

"`Sorry' is so hard for you, sir,"

This was the response of a black protester to Tony Blairs refusal to apologize for the Britain's central role in the trade that enslaved as many as 20 million Africans in the colonies' cotton, tobacco and sugar plantations.

..And so is so fake, so pathetic and so dishonest Tony Blair's expression of regret.

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