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April 24, 2007

Boris Yeltsin: a hero or an angel of poverty and misery?

Former Russian president Boris Yeltsin has passed away.

Read the commentaries from different people; Russian and non-Russian, at these BBC pages. It is interesting that Yeltsin receives more praise from non-Russians than Russians who mostly blame him for bringing poverty and misery to Russia after collapse of the Soviet Union that was, some say, championed by Yeltsin.

Knowing BBC and the fact that it is not un-biased in publishing or not publishing comments from different people, I am sure there must be even more to the disapproval of Yeltsin by the Russian people (or the people from former Soviet Republics) than what BBC's selection of published comments would wants us to believe. Most of the praise is coming from westerners with, well... limited knowledge of the Soviet era (Thanks to their mainstream media). However, who really cares what the non-Russians think. They are not the ones who are directly affected by what Yeltsin brought to or took away from Russians.

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