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March 26, 2007

Why We Fight: A CBC Documentary

I was watching a documentary on Canada's CBC Television's program of The Passionate Eye. The documentary's title is Why We Fight.

I have seen many brilliant documentaries on CBC, but this one, without being radical in any shape or form, just exposes the audience to the reality of the politics in the United States and how things are running and by who. It also clearly shows that the American public is unfortunately perhaps the most naive public in the world that have no clue who is doing what and how. They have no clue what the people that I mentioned in this post have done and are still doing to the United States, They have no clue how they are being constantly manipulated and stupidized by bunch of crooks, such as Cheney, Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, William Kristol and many others members of the ideological think tanks mentioned in the above post and the related link to the article posted on the Israeli Newspaper of Haaretz. Majority of these unelected intellectuals without being accountable to the public and the American voters determine the policies of the United States from behind the scene.

The documentary also reveals the unbelievably significant influence of the military industry in the war politics of the United States. In last few decades, they have always, always kept the United States in wars, somewhere in the world and have tremendously benefitted from it.

Only if the Americans knew how they have been and are still being manipulated by these masters of deception, the only option they would choose would be to charge them for treason against the American people, if not for the crimes they have committed against humanity and try them for those domestic and external crimes.

Please, if you can have access to the CBC television, try to watch the entire documentary, or if you can somehow get a hold of its DVD, spend time watching it. If not, at least refer to the links that I have provided here, to get as much information as you can about the documentary and its content.

The United States is being hated more and more every day all over the world, for what is not a deliberate crime of the American public, but their leaders. But When it comes to seeing what the US has done to the world, when it comes to feeling the hatred towards the US, it is not the leaders of the United States who pay the price, but the American people. That is why it is important for the Americans, to put aside their so-called patriotic feelings and look with open eyes to figure out who their real enemies are and where they are being fed from.

Please watch it. It might make you at least think more seriously about it.


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