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May 11, 2004

How the world sees it!

It was hard to pick, they were almost all reasonable but here are just a few of comments at the BBC about not the abuse, but torture of Iraqis by the US army:

The very insistence on the use of the word "abuse" is hypocrisy enough. Had it happened anywhere else the western media would have liberally made use of the word "torture". Nauseating double-standards again! Levent, Turkey

Comparing Saddam with Bush is an error. Saddam never intended to occupy USA. On the other hand, in Iraq, US is the occupying power, and it holds the entire population like illegal combatants. What a hypocrisy! Vernon Hart, Salem, USA

A perfect example of the similarity between the US military and al-Qaeda - neither has any regard for human life Sherry, London, UK

The abuses of Iraqi prisoners confirm the reasons behind the refusal of the US to have its citizens punished for war crimes. The image and credibility of the US is tarnished for ever. It is only brutal and uncivilised regimes that can abuse defenceless prisoners. I wonder what the UN is for, and how it can convince us of its worthiness in light of its failure to condemn the Americans.Jacob Mwitwa, Stellenbosch, South Africa

This incident just shows the attitude and mindset of your soldiers Mr Bush. For you and your army we all are lesser human beings. You want to charge Saddam for cruelty and violation of human rights. See what you're doing in Iraq? It is no wonder that you are not in favour of having the International Criminal Court around.Umesh Kumar Sharma, Singapore

As an American I find these acts horrifying and an embarrassment to the United States. The Bush administration is responsible for covering this up and in a larger sense responsible for the mistake of starting this war in the first place. I would like the world community to understand that half of the US is strongly opposed to this administration and are working hard to remove him from office. After the unity we had after 9/11, all is gone and the US is so divided in every way. Understand that these actions represent a small fraction of us and a majority of Americans deplore this administration. William Kent, New York

What's troublesome is that US government knew about the abuses late last year. Yet they turned a blind eye as if nothing happened and thought that it will go away. Only when pictures came out in public did the President got involved. What a sorry example of "Democracy", they can't even practices what they preach. Empty words, promises and apologies are meaningless. Asif, Boston, USA

There is absolutely nothing this president can say to wash away the humiliation of first and foremost the Iraqis, but also any American who naively trusted in the Iraq war enterprise in the first place. Yet every American who protested against this war before it started knew precisely that things like this were going to take place. Donna Wright, Syracuse, NY

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