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May 12, 2004

"Human rights violation" is "human rights violation", no matter who does it

Jane, a former reader of this blog, asked me to post this on my blog. It is apparently about "Slavery in Sudan's Darfur region" and it is asking its readers to "Take Action, Demand Slavery Investigation in Sudan's Darfur Region". Since I have no familiarity with the site and its host organization, I tried to find the similar story at Amnesty International's website, but so far I have not found any related story, however, this doesn't mean that the issue discussed in the suggested site is not real. It might well be a very serious situation in Sudan. Please take a look at it and take some action, whatever it is, in order to help avoid a potential catastrophe.

Meanwhile, I wonder if she would care enough for the same human rights that she is supposedly committed to, to post this and this Amnesty International's requests for action in her blog. These are about "the Future of Guantánamo detainees" and "Call for Independent Investigations into War Crimes of Torture in Iraq". I believe We are not supposed to be committed to the Human Rights only to the point that it does not question our own leaders, are we?

I am doing my part, and I hope she does hers.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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