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May 10, 2004

Tortures not isolated events

"The worst, amazingly, is yet to come. A new battery of photographs and videotapes, as yet unreleased, awaits over the horizon of our abused understanding. These photos and videos, also from the Abu Ghraib prison, are reported to show U.S. soldiers gang raping an Iraqi woman, U.S. soldiers beating an Iraqi man nearly to death, U.S. troops posing, smirks affixed, with decomposing Iraqi bodies, and Iraqi troops under U.S. command raping young boys.
George W. Bush would have us believe these horrors were restricted to a sadistic few, and would have us believe these horrors happened only in Abu Ghraib. Yet reports are surfacing now of similar treatment at another U.S. detention center in Iraq called Camp Bucca. According to these reports, Iraqi prisoners in Camp Bucca were beaten, humiliated, hogtied, and had scorpions placed on their naked bodies."

Read the rest here.
Thanks to an American friend for this article.

Meanwhile, I heard on the radio that the "Dark House" spokesman, was saying that in deciding whether or not other pics and photos of the abuse, oh no let's call it with it real name; torture, be public, the Administration is taking into acount many factors including "privacy" considerations. I wonder whose privacy they are considering! May be those tortured naked Iraqi men's' privacy, or that gang-raped woman's privacy! After all, they are naked and she is being raped. It is very considerate of this administration to respect peoples' "privacy".

Oh, by the way, did you know in case of conviction, the soldier who is supposed to be court-martialed will be jailed for a MAXIMUM of ONE YEAR? How severe a punishment, for war crimes.

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