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July 09, 2004

Christian Zionists: are they not at least as dangerous?

Christian Zionists are growing in influence - even as they fight for policies their critics say work against peace in the Mideast. For these believers, it's all about fulfilling biblical prophecy.
Are these stone-age Christian fundamentalists not as dangerous as Islamic fundamentalists if not more, given their influence and power? Isn't it time they are stopped? Isn't it time for them to get lost and let human kind live without interference from religious idealism in their lives? I believe they are as stupid and idiot (and perhaps even more dangerous) as the Islamic fundamentalists. What is the real difference between these idiots and the idiots who kill the "infidels" in the name of god and religion? They all belong to the same camp of stupids who do nothing but harm other human beings in the name of religion. Why don't they just kill themselves to meet with their god sooner and let the people with brain live their normal lives?

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