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July 02, 2004

Pedram writes "About the Fingers"

In his post About the Fingers, Pedram accurately wrote about something that has been bothering me too and I have been meaning to write about it and that was the charges announced against Saddam in his so-called trial hearing:
Attack on Halabja,
Killing Massoud Barzani's family,
Killing of political party leaders,
Killing of religious leaders,
The "Anfal" campaign against Kurds,
Crushing of the 1991 Shia and Kurdish uprising, and
Invasion of Kuwait
See? Every single crime was mentioned but the biggest crime he committed and that was waging war against Iran that resulted in loss of one million lives; the war that was backed by Saddam's western allies in general and the United States in particular. As a result of that war, there are still thousands of Iranian ex-soldiers who were chemically attacked by Saddam's army, living, no, surviving at each corners of the hospitals like nothing more than motionless pieces of meat. Well, that war wasn't even mentioned. Can you believe it? It was not even mentioned. As I said, in his post, Pedram has an accurate observation of this issue and the fact that Saddam's fingers attract more attention than the deliberately ommitted Iran/Iraq war and the disgusting role the media played in reporting the events of the Saddam's hearings. Everyday more and more I am in this belief that the mainstream media is run by not just dis-honest forces but also by some criminals who do not want the truth of the issue/s surface.

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