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July 01, 2004

Protection of Saddam's co-criminals

The Iraqi born American puppet heads of current non-elected Iraqi regime are trying the best they can to protect their American masters. In an interview, Iraq's new national security adviser, Muwaffaq al-Rubaie, said Saddam would not be allowed to turn the trial into a political show by calling witnesses such as US President George W.Bush or British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
We are not going to allow this to be a political game. We are going to restrict ourselves to the crimes.
The fact is that Saddam isn't just an ordinary accused criminal. Whatever he has done has been with backing of the American leaders. In every crime he committed against Iran including using of the chemical weapons during the 8- year war, in his invasion of Kuwait in 1991 which was with the green light shown to him by the United States Ambassador in Baghdad at the time, In bombing of Halabjah by newly supplied American helicopters which resulted in the death of 5000 Kurds, and many other crimes he committed, he had the big brothers as his partners. In whatever he did, Saddam didn't do it alone. Even if we ignore the fact that the current Iraqi regime has no moral and legal qualification to decide how to deal with Saddam issue as it is not elected by the Iraqis, but crimes committed by Saddam were not limited to Iraq. Saddam acted against many millions of non-Iraqis, so at least one leg of his trial should be an international trial. However, it is well understood why the current US-installed Iraqi regime is trying so hard not to let Saddam speak of everything. But if Saddam is pretended to be just a criminal, for millions of people who lost their lives and/or suffered and are still suffering as a results of Saddam's policies, behind the scenes of the events must be known. Perhaps a quick trial and execution of Saddam will be a well-planned conspiracy to deny the world the right to know who else shared Saddam's crimes and as a reult, this would not be "the trail of the century" as American puppets in Baghdad are claiming. This would be "the cover-up of the century" which by itself is a crime. Although un-officially known, the world has the right to officially know who fed Saddam during all those years, who helped Saddam with his crimes and whose hands have the same blood stains as Saddam's.

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