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July 08, 2004

Should be accepted with open arms

The two US ex-soldiers who fled from the US to Canada in order to avoid participating in the unjust Iraq war, are applying for refugee status in Canada.
Jeremy Hinzman, 25, who left the 82nd Airborne Regiment in January before its deployment to Iraq, says he believes the U.S.-led war is contrary to international law and "waged on false pretences." He believes he would be "a criminal" if he were to take part.

"I am not willing to kill or be killed in the service of ideology and economic gain," the South Dakotan says in his narrative filed with Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board, setting out the basis for his claim for refugee status....

...Also attending yesterday's session was Brandon Hughey, 18. He arrived in Canada from Texas after eluding military police in March, a day before his unit was to leave for Iraq, where nearly 900 U.S. military personnel have been killed since the war began.
This is the repeat of history of Vietnam war when many Americans chose to come to Canada in order to not participate in another murderous war of the United States. I believe Canada should welcome these heros and accept them with open arms.

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