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June 16, 2004

Global warming; the deliberately ignored reality

This is becoming much more serious than what the rich and big corporations want us to believe. In it there is, if not our own, the future of our children at stake. We might not feel it yet, but sure it is coming. What are we doing to stop it?

I am talking about Global Warming which is a real and active trend. The Industrial countries in general and the United States in particular are taking much much more than their share in polluting the world as the corporate America keeps adding to the problem. Corporate America has its agents in power. The current US administration added to its guilt of choking our next generation by cancelling US's commitments on Kyoto Accord as soon as it came to power. A dumb puppet such as George Bush and his oily gang, do not care a bit about what will happen to our children and their children, but we ought to. The conservative Party of Canada and its leader Stephen Harper are also planning to take Canada out of Kyoto should they become the government after the June 28 elections. It will be a shame for Canada if these ultra-representatives of the rich corporations have the chance to scarp what Canada is proud of; Signing on Kyoto Accord.

Many of us, as parents, do whatever we can to provide the best for our children, but we usually forget the critical issue of protecting the environment that will have a determining impact on the quality of life for our children and their children. We forget it because we, oursleves, don't seriously and physically feel it, but let's not fool ourselves: it is coming whether we feel it or not.

We have responsibilities towards the next generation. We cannot leave them with conditions worse than our own. Their living conditions have to be better than ours and not worse, otherwise we are guilty of irresponsible inactions.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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