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September 18, 2004

Zionist-owned media, number one enemy of the truth

I heard on CBC yesterday that Reuters had complianed to the CanWest Global Communications Inc, a Zionist family owned media outlet in Canada, to stop changing the words and terminologies used in the reports, when quoting Reuters particularly on reports dealing with Palestinian/Israeli conflict as well as Iraq war.

For example, When quoting Reuters, the National Post, a paper owned by CanWest, changed the original report from "...Al-Aqsa Martyr, a Palestinian group fighting Israeli occupation..." to "Al-Aqsa Martyr, A terrorist Palestinian group engaged in a 4-year old campaign of terror and Violence against Israel...". Also, regarding Iraq, it changed a report from "The Iraqi insurgents in Falluja...." to "The Iraqi terrorists in Falluja....".

Apparenlty this is not new from CanWest Global (which also owns Global TV and 11 major newspapers across Canada) as they have tampered with the original reports of the Associated Press as well.

Although it is based in Canada, there is no doubt that CanWest is not a real Canadian entity, but it is a sure fact that this corporation exists in Canada to protect the interests of Israel even if the cost is to sacrify the truth. CanWest is a clear example of how easily media can present reports that do not match the reality. After all, if they can tamper with the quotes they provide from other people/entities, imagine how capable they are in lying to the people on their own editorials, interpretations of the events, or even reports. The good news is that they are sinking in Canada, as for example, the readership of the National Post has been in steady sinking ever since it started publishing 6-7 years ago.

Toronto Star also has a report about this issue.

Here is the exact report on the website of CBC Ottawa.

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