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October 05, 2004

Kissing Israel's ass, common objective of Cheney and Edwards

Cheney has nothing new. He is an established and experienced criminal with a bloody and full of $ resume.


Did you hear how Edwards kissed the ass of Israeli lobby in the US, perhaps to secure the Jewish vote? Did you hear him speak of 6 Israeli children who were killed by a suicide bomber when Edwards was visiting Israel about three years ago? Did you hear his passionate piece of speech while shedding tears for those children? Since then, Israel has killed far greater number of Palestinian children. But Edwards did not even mention a word about the murdered Palestinian children. Not even one word of sympathy for their deaths and sufferings. Are those children not children as well? Right today, Israel killed Palestinian children. Senator Edwards memory can go back to three years ago, but it is suddenly paralyzed and unable to "remember" what is happening right today. Does he really not remember the other side of the stories?

It seems that there is a constant race of "who can kiss more Israeli ass" between Republicans and Democrats. Each one claim they are better in doing that. Mr. Edward certainly did it tonight.

How long this disgusting inhumane double standard has to continue? How long this one-sided reflection of the suffering of people in the middle east has to continue until Americans realize that the Democrats are as much controlled by the Israeli lobby groups as are the Republicans. With policies such as these, the United States is being further hated by the people of the world who can clearly see what Israel is doing against the Palestinians and in doing so, relying on the unconditional backing of the United States.

The hatred that the US leaders (Republican or Democrat) are attracting towards America, is by large as a result of the unconditional support of the Israeli crimes. The support that will not be approved by many ordinary Americans if the main stream media in the United States stops its constant manipulations and propaganda which are orchestrated by the Israeli lobby groups in the United States. Americans will spit on the faces of their leaders if they really realize what is happening in their names around the world and how they are viewed by the world people, because of the policies of their leaders.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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