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October 07, 2004

Winston Churchill: god-father of Israel

In the comments section of this post, there has been some interesting and fairly courteous exchange of opinions. Much of these discussions have been around the issue of Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Additionally, the very existence of the state of Israel and how it was born has been discussed. There are claims in the discussions, that Israel made good offers to the Palestinians in 1948 and years after that in 2000-2001. Occupying a land, kicking out its people, and when facing resistance from those people, offering back a small portion of what was stolen from them, is claimed by some to be a fair offer. How good and fair those offers were, can be the subject for another discussion but that would be interesting to know what the history behind this whole creation of Israel is.

Although already known by many people around the world, the recently released UK archives officially revealed who was historically behind the whole affair of creation of Israel:
A top-secret Colonial Office file from 1943 shows that Mr Churchill favoured a plan to try to bribe King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, with £20m and the leadership of a new Arab confederation, in exchange for the Saudi monarch's help in handing over Palestine to the Jews... .
Yes, it was Winston Churchill who helped create state of Israel with cost of destroying or devastating, one way or another, the lives of so many millions of Palestinians. I am not even touching the fact that he helped creating a country to at least partially serve future agendas of the Great Britain. I only question and wonder if Churchill really had so much love for the Jews that he was looking for a home for them, why did he not offer a piece of England to them, so they could have their own country and live side by side of the "god-father" Winston!

It is always easier to spend from other peoples' pockets than own. Isn't it?

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