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October 28, 2004

Just remember

Try to remember as earliest memories of your life that you can remember; from the time when you were a little child. Remember your laughs, yours joys, your cries. Remember playing with your friends. Remember when you were afraid of being punished by dad or mom for somethging that you shouldn't have done. Remember your fights with your brother or your sister for silly things. Remeber when you missed your dad or mom when he/she was a way. Remember the joys when seeing them back. Remember your worryings. Remember your hopes. Try to remember as much as you can. Then remember your teenage years and all the related events associated with that period of your life. Remember the first time you felt you were in love. Then remember when you were a young man or a young woman. Remember many good and bad memories. Remember all your struggles, your hopes and your dreams. Remember all the events that you can think of. Remember.... .

Yes, you are only one person but in you, there is a world with all its ups and downs, goods and bads. Better yet, you are a world by yourself.

After redrawing a picture of you and your history as a person, you can then easily realize what the Iraq war has done. A study by the American public health experts posted on The Lancet medical journal's website Thursday estimates that nearly 100,000 more Iraqis have died during the American-led occupation than would have died otherwise.

The rise in the death rate was mainly due to violence and much of it was caused by U.S. air strikes on towns and cities.

Yes, Iraq war has killed 100,000 "worlds". Just think about it. Please!

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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