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November 03, 2004

The show is over

Reporter: "Who did you vote for and why?"
A homeless in California: "I voted for Bush because he makes me feel safe at home."
What? Bush makes you feel safe at home? what home? Do you mean at your homelessness?

Reporter: "Who did you vote for and why?"
Another homeless in California with almost no tooth in his mouth: "I voted for Kerry, because I like his name better."

Well, It's over. In the race between the bad and the worse; the worse was the winner. And Americans lost again, without even realizing it.

Finally, Kerry conceded defeat and after calling and congratulating Bush, he spoke to his fans. In his speech, he sounded like an honorable loser. He accepted that he lost. But he had some advice to his supporters; some "patriotic" advice. He asked his supporters to support the winner of the race. He told them that in the US elections, no one is the loser. He told them that next day everybody would wake up American again. He told them that helping to bring "democracy" to Iraq and Afghanistan must continue until the US soldiers come back home with honor. He told them.... .

But Kerry didn't go after Bush. He didn't show a real integrity in his speech, although his speech was designed to portray him as such. But no, he didn't have integrity; not a bit.

His lack of integrity, was clear from the time during the debates with Bush, when he kept speaking of American casualties in the war, American lack of safety and security because of the Bush policies, American...., American..., American... .

To Kerry, just like to his rival, it did not matter if 100,000 Iraqi civilians, majority of them women and children, have been killed because of the war in general and American air strikes on cities in particular. Iraqi lives didn't matter to him. HE NEVER MENTIONED A WORD OF IRAQI SUFFERINGS. NEVER. Only Americans and only Americans.

The man who can so easily and so freely use the term "killing", as Kerry did so many times during the debates, without considering the fact that millions of American children were also watching their potential "leader" on TV, cannot have integrity, cannot have the sense of responsibility, otherwise he would not use that word so easily. He just wanted to not to be far behind of the killer president. He just wanted to say, I can kill too.

The man who never lost the race in kissing Israel's ass and offering unconditional support for Israel, especially in a time when Israel is making life miserable for so many millions of Palestinians, cannot have integrity.

With all due and deserved respect to perhaps millions of my fellow citizens of the world who happen to be Americans, to those who know what real integrity is, to those who are of the hardest hit human beings who have to live in a country where a criminal gang with a proven criminal record against the humanity, receives even higher approval from the American public compare to the last elections, I have to say:
"In a so-called democracy, people deserve what they get as their leaders, and perhaps the general American public deserves to have a stupid and dumb president along with his murderous gang as its leaders."

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