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November 28, 2004

In humane issues, kids outperform many grown ups

I always make sure not to speak with children and in front of children about specifics in politics as I believe this will otherwise be a pure violation of their rights to hear, read, see, feel and understand the world affairs independent from other points of views imposed to them and finally judge for themselves about the specific issues. This has been the case with my own little one. However, all of a sudden this conversation took place between us today:
- "Dad! Has president George Bush ever been a child?"
- "Yes, He has"
- "but I don't think he has"
- "why not?"
- "If he was a child once, he would understand why it is not fair to kill other childrens' dads. He would understand that children need their dads".

I was surprised of hearing such words from a kid, but thought to myself that the poor kid might not even know that Bush hasn't just killed dads but the children too. However, at that point I had to redirect our conversation to some other subjects. But then again I thought to myself: "How is it that so many grown ups don't understand what this little kid easily understood?"

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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