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December 25, 2004

No one could help fundamentalism more than Bush

It has been rightfully said so many time that the so-called fight against terrorism and extremism policies of the Bush administration has not only not helped the world to become a safer place, but has helped fundamentalism grow with an otherwise unimaginable speed. It has been exactly the same policies which made many fundamentalists cross their fingers for the "re"election of George Bush for another 4 year term as the president of the United States. Another term that might be sufficient enough for them to recruit more people and grow even more than they could not otherwise even imagine.

As far as the Iraq war is concerned, it has been clear that the US leaders live in fantasyland and want to take the US public into the same wishful land, but that is just a dream. The reality on the ground in Iraq only suggests that the US is not winning, but is losing. And the winners are, in big part, religious fundamentalists.

The US's stupid foreign policies do not only end with Iraq. Us's policies towards Israeli/Palestinian conflict and its unconditional support of the Israeli occupation, and alienating secular Palestinians and PLO, has only resulted in stronger and more popular fundamentalist Palestinian groups such as Hamas.

In each day that this administration is in power, there is one more defeat for humanity and one more victory for fundamentalism of all type.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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