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December 15, 2004

Attack in bad weather

$85 million dollars which could have fed hundreds of thousands of starving people for quite some time, have gone wasted during the missile defense test which failed due to the bad weather.

Bush and his gang who represent some of the richest bastards of the world, from the oil companies to military hardware manufacturers, are doing nothing but servicing these monsters who are in the business of death and destruction. The more talk of and the more walk for weapons, the more money for these bastards and Bush, the dumb puppet, is providing the highest service to them and the highest disgrace for himself every time he provides these bastards more opportunity to exercise their endless greeds.

Any way, the US missile defence test failed; possibly due to the bad weather. It's funny to know that this system which, at least partially, is supposed to be installed in Alaska with its known harsh weather, has failed due to the harsh weather. Well, the imaginary future attackers against the US, should now be very happy. After all, they know by now that they can attack the US when the weather is bad and this multi-billion dollar so-called defence shield has caught cold.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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