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December 18, 2004

Discrimination against women, even in the form of execution

Capital punishment is barbaric (period). However, some forms of capital punishment are even more barbaric. "Stoning to death" is the one that comes to my mind right a way. This is a form of execution that is practiced in many countries, and occasionally in Iran. Looks like the form of execution in Iran also depends on the gender. If one is supposed to be executed by stoning, depending on the gender, the person is buried up to certain level of the body. If the person is a male, he is buried up to his waists but if the person is a female, she is buried up to her breasts for the purpose of execution by stoning. This is important because apparently if the convicted person manages to get himself or herself out of the hole while being stoned, he/she can go free. So, if the convict is physically stronger, the possibility of getting out of the hole is higher. This is where the discrimination against women even in the form of execution becomes clear as it is obviously easier for the person who is buried up the waists to get out of the hole, especially if the person is physically stronger which is generally the case with men relative to women.

Unless something happens, unless we act fast, a women will certainly be executed by stoning before December 21. Amnesty International wants us to act to try to stop this barbarism. Please, don't just sit. Please spend some time to act as Amnesty is directing. You never know, may be your own action would have an impact. Amnesty's calls for actions have been effective before. It might be effective again. Please click here and act as Amnesty wants you to act.

No, this is not the same one that I had a post about a few days ago.

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