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January 06, 2005

Worth repeating

Exactly one year after a huge disaster hit Iran's ancient city of Bam that cost about 30,000 lives, another disaster hit human community again; this time in South Asia and with greater damage. Last year and as Iranian, I wrote the following to express my deep appreciation to those who moved fast to assist, to save lives in Iran and... . With the dream that there won't be any need to repeat such posts in the future, this time I am repeating it, not as an Iranian but as a citizen of world to tell how valauble it is what many people from around the world have done and are doing:

To rescuers in Iran: We do appreciate your humanity
I am incapable of truly expressing how I feel and how grateful I am to those great people from four corners of the world that right now, instead of being near their families and instead of preparing for their biggest celebration of the year, are spending time working in the dusty and ugly place of death and destruction resulted from the earthquake in Bam. They are just showing that all people of the world are capable of understanding each other if the leaders aren't. And they are just showing that the citizens of the world, are capable of valuing each single life, without any consideration of its origin.

I would like to solute these heroes of humanity for the great show of solidarity with the people of Iran in our time of difficulty.

One day, when we have a true control over our land, when we feel that Iran is ours, when we rebuild every ugly indications of death and destruction, we will invite you back to our country and we will greet you with flowers and warm hand shakes and we will show you that we will never forget your generosity and your humanity. I am sure I am not the only Iranian who feels this way towards you and many Iranians greatly value your courage and humanity.

I know that your new year is not going to start with happy notes, as there is nothing happy about the place in which all you see are dead bodies or severly injured, but I truly wish you the happiest of all when you go back to your family and friends.

It is very easy for people of all races and nationalities to live in peace, it is the fault of the greedy leaders that divisions are created between the people.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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