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February 05, 2005

In fear of U.S. deception: A letter to the editor

This letter which was written to the editor of the Toronto Star by an Iraqi in response to this Star article, was published today by the Star:

After reading this article, I feel some representation after all. Unlike previous articles that praise the U.S. administration for the "freedom" given to the Iraqi people, this seems more enlightened of the facts in Iraq. When I read articles praising President George Bush and the American administration for their great effort in bringing freedom and democracy to Iraq, I am amazed how writers incredibly twist facts to show some pictures and hide others.

I am an Iraqi who suffered greatly under the regime of Saddam Hussein and the Baath party. I know of no one who did not suffer in one way or another, but I can say that the suffering was at its peak many years ago when Saddam was the Americans' favourite puppet. In those days, the U.S. administration did not talk about freedom and democracy. They supported Saddam and turned a blind eye to the crimes he committed, especially during his war with Iran.

Only when the interests of the U.S. are at stake do the Americans think of freedom and democracy. Where are they when we see basic human rights being violated in Palestine and other parts of the world? More often than not, I see them supporting the oppressor, not the oppressed. It was not freedom the Americans announced to justify the war, it was weapons of mass destruction. But "freedom and democracy" is the favourite American slogan when it runs out of excuses.

I have voted and encouraged all my friends and relatives to vote, but that does not mean I approve of the invasion of Iraq. In fact, I voted to help stop the American administration's dream of placing another puppet in Iraq. What I fear most now is the deception of the U.S. administration to either fix the elections or help a coup or create a situation to topple whoever comes to power who is not an American puppet.

Hussain Khoshkar, Richmond Hill

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