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February 04, 2005

Rumsfeld really IS afraid of traveling to Germany

WASHINGTON—U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld conceded yesterday that fears he could be charged as a war criminal may keep him from a conference in Germany set for next week.

A lawsuit filed by the New York-based Centre for Constitutional Rights with German prosecutors accuses Rumsfeld and other senior U.S. officials with war crimes for their part in the Abu Ghraib prison torture scandal.

Until Rumsfeld was asked about the possibility at a news briefing, the Pentagon had maintained it was merely a scheduling conflict which could prevent him from attending the Munich Conference on Security Policy, an annual event which draws top defence officials from all over the world.

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How much this case will go ahead, and how much pressure the US will put on Germany to drop the case, I don't know. But, at least symbolicaly this is a good start.

First it was "scheduling conflict", but now, he does admit that he IS afraid of going to Germany. Well, I hope this is just the beginning, not just for Abu Ghraib tortures, but for all other crimes that Rumsfeld along with his other gang members have committed against humanity.

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