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This blog represents the way I see some of the most significant events impacting the world and its citizens. This blog also represents how I react to the events as a member of humanity with a voice, a determined voice that insists to be heard. The voice of an Iranian who loves his country but his priority is humanity; humanity without border. I will say what I want to say, when I want to say it, and how I want to say it, but I will never lie. I will also listen; I promise.

July 19, 2005


I don't know much about Pat Buchanan. By I know enough that he is a Republican who was twice a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. It is interesting the way he sees the so-called war on terror. In his article, Bush barking up wrong tree on terror, Buchanan completely crtiticizes the Bush administration on its so-called war against terrorism. Buchanan believes that the so-called war agianst terrorism has just caused more terrorism. Some excerpts:

The 9/11 terrorists were over here because we were over there. They are not trying to convert us. They are killing us to drive us out of their countries.

The Iraq war is not eradicating terrorism, it is creating terrorists.

Read it. It's worth it.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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