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October 19, 2005

A bigger court room needed

So Saddam is on trial for killing of 148 people in Iraq. That's all? What about thousands of other Iraqis he massacred? What about invading Iran and imposing a war which continued for 8 years and resulted in the death of about one million Iranians and Iraqis, in addition to many hundreds of thousands of the injured and thousands of devastated families? What about the nature of his criminal invasion which resulted in the stabilization of the undemocratic regime in Iran, that immediately cracked down on peoples' democratic demands under the name of "war time security measures"? What about creating the condition which resulted in Iranians being under the rule of a theocratic regime for more than 25 years? What about many other direct and indirect crimes which were committed by Saddam and his regime?

Yes, there are so many "what about"s about Saddam and what he did which need to be answered, but while you are "entertaining" this kangaroo trial, just remember that in what he did, Saddam wasn't alone. Remember that the western countries including the US were whole-heartedly supporting Saddam when he was committing his crimes. In fact, Saddam was only a tool, an idiot tool and nothing more. Those who fed him are the real master criminals and those are the ones who should also be on trial for the crimes they committed while supporting Saddam and even after the expiration of Saddam. They all should be on trial, but not by a kangaroo Iraqi court, but by an international tribunal at the Hague.

Speaking of trials for crimes against humanity, you might also want to check out the International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration. (Thanks to White Old Lady for pointing this out)

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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