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October 16, 2005

Darker days ahead of Iraqi people!

Local people say three female students at Basra University have been killed for failing to cover themselves in the black abaya and hijab.
This follows a notorious incident in March when gunmen attacked students in a park.
As the police stood by, the gunmen ripped the blouse from one woman, leaving her half-naked. Two male students who went to help her were shot.
The militia filmed all this, concentrating on the woman's humiliation; she was later said to have committed suicide.
The gunmen, loyal to a radical Shia cleric, distributed a CD of the footage in Basra. It was a warning to others not to allow men and women to mix in public.
"The militia were hitting us again and again with iron bars and rifle butts," said one of the students.
"I have left Basra with my family now because the militias control all aspects of our lives, because of the killing and the kidnapping."
He went on: "The miserable thing is that the British forces were just watching all this. They let the militia destroy the rule of law here."

This is scary, very scary.

I am afraid, I see even darker days ahead of Iraqi people; the dark days we, Iranians have been going through for over 25 years. We lived through this. We know it all. Although they could never completely defeat us, they badly hurt us. We know what it means. We know what it means to allow religion and religious people decide for every aspects of peoples' lives.

George Bush! You are not only a criminal, but also an idiot; if for nothing else in Iraq, at least for what you have done which has resulted in such significant growth of extreme religious domination. This is a crime against humanity by itself. You and your bastard gang members who also happen to be religious extremists (in addition to being the puppets of the rich corporations) have created the perfect conditions for all of this to happen.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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