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February 20, 2006

The biggest taboo of the "western freedom of speech"

I have no doubt that Nazi Germany, directly and/or indirectly, caused death to tens of millions of people around the world, including millions of Jews, during the years leading to the WWII and during the years of the war. What the Nazis did was indeed one of, if not the, largest magnitude of crimes against humanity ever. But what is disturbing is the fact that every time the WWII is mentioned, only Holocaust of Jews is brought up. It seems that so many million more non-Jews who were also killed do not count or do not count as much and only Jews have to be remembered as the victims of the Nazis. This is a disgusting double standard that even decent Jews will not and should not accept. But whatever it is, it does not diminish the fact that Jews were of the main targets of the Nazis. The horrors of the WWII including, but not limited to, the crimes against the Jews have to be remembered and have to be taken as lessons from the past to ensure such crimes, even with lesser extents, do not happen again, although I am not so optimistic about this at all and am sure the crimes will happen again and again in the jungle we live in. Remember, it wasn't long ago, only 12 years ago, when 800,000 Rwandans were massacred in only 100 days of violence and the world stood on side and watched. Even worse, at the time we didn't even hear much about it. How much do we hear about that now? Not much! Right? Well, may be it is because they were "valueless and less human blacks" and that Rwanda had no strategic or economical value. Yeah, at that time, about 330 people were being killed every hour for the duration of 100 days, and not many even talked about them then and now.

Getting back to Holocaust, I have already made it clear where I stand with regards to Holocaust and that I do believe the horrors of Holocaust were real and those who deny them are nothing but fools. I also believe the fact that we, collectively allowed that to happen and that it will forever be a source of shame for human kind. However, it is important to realize that the occurrence of the Holocaust has been exploited to the point that even some people including a Jewish author call it The Holocaust Industry. Having said that, I have to add that IF I did not believe that Holocaust had actually happened, I would speak my mind if I wanted to and I would not let anybody to limit my freedom of speech. Holocaust is a historical event and some might believe or wish, for any reason; even stupid reasons, to deny its occurrence. So what? Why shouldn't they say what they think? The horrible reality of the reaction to the denial of the Holocaust is not to write books or make speeches to counter the denial of Holocaust, but it is, in some countries to send people to jail for expressing their views on an historical event. I cannot think of anything in the western world that is as big a taboo as the denial of the Holocaust is. Why? May be I can't see the logic on this. But I cannot accept, or agree with, forcing people to self-censor. Or is it because Israel has that much power and influence on the western governments that it can force its will to these governments to the point that no one should dare to upset Israel? Any idea!?

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