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February 17, 2007

Al Gore; past and present

I have a mixed feeling about Al Gore. On one hand, he was second most powerful man in the US during the Clinton administration when the UN, under the influence of the US continued pressure, not on Saddam and his regime but practically on people of Iraq, by imposing sanctions on Iraq which only caused hardship and tremendous suffering to people of Iraq, especially to Iraqi children who were the victims of the genocidal policies of the US, and the UN for that matter. This was from denying Iraqis in general and Iraqi children in particular of the basic life necessities in addition to regularly bombing of the Iraqi infrastructures such as their water treatment plants and/or preventing Iraq from obtaining what was needed for maintenance of those infrastructures. The Iraq sanctions only hurt people of Iraq and not the regime (for more details of Clinton administration's involvement on those genocides see the previous post).

Yes, during that time, Al Gore was the Vice president of the United States. He could have done a lot to prevent or to avoid these genocides against people of Iraq.

Additionally, the fact that in his run for presidency of the United States in 2000, he chose Joe Lieberman as his running mate, is extremely unjustifiable. Lieberman; an American by birth but an Israeli at heart, has demonstrated so many times how his priorities are based on the interests of Israel. He has shown so many times that he is nothing but a warmonger Zionist. But yet, Al Gore had chosen him for his to-be vice president. A very questionable move on Al Gore's part.

Now, my mixed feeling about Al Gore started back in August 2003 and January 2004 and a couple of other occasions, when I wrote about Al Gore's position towards the issues related to the Environment and Climate Change and the Bush administration's policies with that regard. I have to admit that I now even feel more respect for Al Gore as I see him making real efforts in a positive direction.

After watching Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth", I feel great admiration for his efforts and his great fact-filled documentary. The documentary, if you will, has been presented in a very comprehensive and easy-to-understand format that will make a huge impact in making us feel how earth and its climate is fast and dangerously moving towards the trashhold point with no return. I strongly recommend watching this documentary. I also sincerely applaud Al Gore for making such a great and critical documentary.

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