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February 04, 2007

A tribute to Mehdi!

A friend on mine just lost his brother. For some time his brother was battling some kind of cancer. He was diagnosed in Iran; underwent some lengthy treatment process; had many ups and downs, and finally he was taken to Germany for further treatment. In this long and frustrating process his brother, Mehdi, a very busy dentist who lives in Canada, virtually never left him alone. During the treatment process in Iran, Mehdi made frequent trips to Iran. Then when in Germany, Mehdi continued traveling back and forth. They even had their other brother taken to Germany to provide some kind of blood related supply. In short, this whole affair had disrupted the lives of so many people, from Mehdi and his beautiful and caring wife Parastou who is also a busy dentist, to his other brother and the deceased's own family as well as the rest of the family who are now virtually devastated by the passing.

I've been told that Mehdi and his brother were so close to each other so perhaps it should not been hard to picture how difficult it is for Mehdi now to deal with the loss. You know, Mehdi has been quite private on this matter; never talked about it and was never asked, at least not by me, so all I know is perhaps a shadow of what has happened. But what is clear to me is that he did all he could. He did all a good brother, a good friend, can do; from spending money and time, to supporting his brother by being by his side all the way to the end of this sad journey. What else could he do? Really! I can't see much.

Mehdi's brother, whom I never met, is now gone and I know how hard it is for Mehdi who right now, once again, has flown to Germany. But he must be proud of himself for doing all he could and not hesitating in making any effort. There are events that no one can prevent and one of them is "death at the end". Sooner or later, this will eventually happen to us and those we love dearly. But how we deal with it before it happens is what matters the most. Mehdi did well, very well, so did Parastou by being so patient and supportive of her husband during this whole difficult process.

I salute them both by offering my sincere condolences to Mehdi and Parastou.

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