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August 17, 2004

Chavez's victory, another defeat for the US in the international stages

After many years of US interfering in Venezuellan affairs, after a failed US-backed Coup against the loved-by-the-poor leader of Venezuella, after the unlawful interference in the politics of Venezuella, the loved-by-the-rich-and/or-stupid leader of the US suffers another humiliating defeat from the poor Venezuellans who voted AGAIN in favour of their democratically elected president, Hugo Chavez. There is no doubt that the Washington criminals have already started searching for new ways to interfere in the affairs of Venezuella.

After receiving approval of over 58% of the "mostly poor" Venezuellans, President Chavez had this to say: "The ball has landed in the dead centre of the White House... A gift for Bush."

Chavez's triumph is a devastating setback to the opposition, which had been
campaigning for his recall for more than a year after failing to force him from office in an April 2002 coup and in a two-month business owners' lockout later
that year.
Also stung by the outcome is the United States government, which had endorsed the coup, and helped finance the opposition groups that campaigned for the recall through the National Endowment for Democracy, funded by the U.S. Congress. Before the vote, Chavez had promised to connect on a "home run against the gringos."
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And as Tariq Ali points them out, here are some of the great achievemnts of Venezuella mainly under the leadership of Hugo Chavez:
Venezuela, under its new Constitution, permitted the right of the citizens to
recall a President before s/he had completed their term of office. No Western
democracy enshrines this right in a written or unwritten constitution

Just under a million children from the shanty-towns and the poorest villages now obtain a free education; 1.2 million illiterate adults have been taught to read and write; secondary education has been made available to 250,000 children whose social status excluded them from this privilege during the ancien regime; three new university campuses were functioning by 2003 and six more are due to be completed by 2006. As far as healthcare is concerned, the 10,000 Cuban doctors, who were sent to help the country, have transformed the situation in the poor districts, where 11,000 neighbourhood clinics have been established and the health budget has tripled. Add to this the financial support provided to small businesses, the new homes being built for the poor, an Agrarian Reform Law that was enacted and pushed through despite the resistance, legal and violent, by the landlords. By the end of last year 2,262,467 hectares has been distributed to 116,899 families. The reasons for Chavez' popularity become obvious. No previous regime had even noticed the plight of the poor (Thanks to Robert for pointing these out).

I wonder what the achievment of the US president has been during his 4 years in power even with no foreign abuse unlike the case in Venezuella.

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