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October 11, 2004

Iraq in brief!

In an email to a friend from Iraq, Wall Street Journal correspondent Farnaz Fassihi, provides a clear pictrure of the situation in Iraq today. That can be compared to Bush Administration's cliams that situation in Iraq is improving. Either Fassihi is lying, or this is another reason why the term "masters of deception" is just right to describe the rulers of Washington.
This unedited e-mail below, sent privately to friends by Wall Street Journal correspondent Farnaz Fassihi, was posted on, a site run by the Poynter Institute journalism school.
In an Oct. 4 note to Editor & Publisher magazine, Fassihi said she never meant the e-mail to become public...... .
I came across the text of the email via Toronto Star and I encourage you to read it so to have a clear picture of what is really happening in Iraq today.

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