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October 17, 2004

Torture, a barbaric act of crime

Turture, physical and/or mental, is barabric no matter who commits them. It is not justified with any name and any excuse to torture a human being and it should be condemned all together.

Some governments are known for regularly using torture as a tool to push their agendas and/or to deal with what they consider to be their enemies. Most of such countries don't even bother claiming that they are for democracy, for freedom and against human rights abuses. However, there are countries and governments who use torture and the idea of torture for the same puposes in addition to making bloody profits, but these countries do not publically condone torture. In fact, they might even try to show themselves as the biggest supporter/s of human rights. Obviously, such governments are full of hypocracy. But does it really matter what they say in the public? The United States government, is one of the main producers of torture by either direct means such as torturing detainees in Guantanamo Bay who, even after about three years, have not been charged for anything, or by indirect means such as supporting the undemocratic regimes around the world and exporting torturing devices to such countries. In fact, production and export of torturing devices to the world, is a huge money-making industry in the United States.

Recently, many of the AMERICAN officials who have worked in Guantanamo Bay, have come up with their own stories of how the detainees have been treated in Guantanamo Bay by the US prison officials. It is interesting that these stories are told, not by non-Americans, but by those AMERICANS who have obviously been already aproved to "serve" in Guantanamo Bay under the direction of the US policies and officials. Read the related Toronto Star story here.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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